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Guiding Pregnancy & Birth Through the Body’s Innate Intelligence

During pregnancy, the ultimate goal is to grow and deliver a healthy baby. The healthiest way you can deliver a baby is through natural childbirth, which is the way our bodies are designed to deliver. Less intervention during delivery is better for the mother and baby. In order to obtain a natural birth a mother has to eat right, exercise, and take care of her quickly changing body.

A mother’s body is about to make some unbelievable changes. Chiropractic care plays an integral part in helping the body adapt to the extreme changes during pregnancy, delivery, and even in the postpartum stage. It helps keep mom feeling good and able to adapt to the natural changes she's about to endure.

The body goes through two major physical changes. These changes are mechanical and hormonal. One of the mechanical changes to the body is the center of gravity. As the baby grows the mother’s center of gravity is no longer supported through the center of the spine. It slowly moves forward and pulls the lumbar spine frontward increasing stress on the pelvic joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Another mechanical change is in the mother's walking pattern, also known as “gait.” As the baby grows, the mother's gait turns into a "waddle" gait and once again causes more stress on the joints, ligaments, and muscles.

The other physical change to the pregnant mother is the release of hormones. Relaxin is a hormone that is released during pregnancy and peaks during delivery to soften the ligaments in the body and most importantly the pelvic ligaments. This hormone is necessary for the body to allow for the baby’s growth and for vaginal delivery. However, it allows the joints to easily misalign and then again puts stress on joints, ligaments, and muscles.

What concerns chiropractors about having stress on joints, ligaments, and muscles during pregnancy is when there is misalignment present in the spine. There are two concerns with this. One is that whenever there is misalignment, especially in the pelvis, it can cause restriction in joint movement. This is essential for delivery. The pelvic joints need proper motion in order to allow space in the pelvic cavity to accommodate the baby.

The other concern with the presence of a misalignment is that they cause nerve interference, which disrupts the communication connection between the brain and body. This connection is vital to ensure the proper release of hormones during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum stage; and VITAL to the development of the baby.

So how can a chiropractor help? Chiropractors correct misalignments in the spine by performing adjustments. Adjustments are gentle and safe for both the mother and the baby. They help the mother adapt to the mechanical and hormonal changes her body will endure as well as helps the baby develop properly and allows for an easier journey through the birthing canal.

Chiropractors are passionate about natural birth and know that the body has an innate intelligence that allows the mother and baby develop, adapt, and grow naturally. It’s just a matter of unleashing that intelligence by adjusting the spine and removing nerve interference. Mother's who are seeking a natural birth and want optimum development for their child should find a chiropractor to aid in their journey.

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Dr. Allison Mankey, DC is a prenatal & pediatric chiropractor that practices in Paso Robles, California with her husband Dr. Graham Mankey, DC.

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