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Dr. Graham V. Mankey, B.S., D.C.

MankeyFamilyChiropracticDr 20GrahamDr. Graham V. Mankey was born and raised in rural Paso Robles. He was involved in 4-H for nine years and played multiple sports throughout his childhood and into adulthood. After graduating from Paso Robles High School he enrolled in college and earned his Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of California Santa Barbara.

While living and studying in Santa Barbara, Dr. Graham was introduced to chiropractic from his father's life altering experience with a Doctor of Chiropractic in Templeton. His father had been to several local M.D.s including a Gastroenterologist for digestive issues. After taking three different prescribed medications, two of which made him much worse, he had given up hope of having a healthy digestive system. That's when a friend of his told him to go see his chiropractor. That chiropractor took the time to instruct Dr. Graham's father in dietary changes, and showed him that a properly communicating nervous system was the greatest way to improve the function of the digestive system. That made a huge impact in Dr. Graham's chosen life path. The following summer he was pre-enrolled in the distinguished Palmer College of Chiropractic West, and began in the fall.

While at Palmer College of Chiropractic West Dr. Graham was blessed to not only find his true life's calling, chiropractic, but also to find the love of his life Miss Allison Schroeder, now Dr. Allison Mankey. They both moved back to Paso Robles to open their office, Mankey Family Chiropractic, and raise a family in this wonderful community.

Office location 502 Spring Street, Paso Robles, CA, 93446

Dr. Allison Mankey, D.C.

MankeyFamilyChiropracticDr 20AlliDr. Allison Mankey was born into the largest family of chiropractors in the world. Dr. Allison is a fourth generation chiropractor, and is amazingly the 72nd Doctor of Chiropractic in her family.

Dr. Allison knew from an early age that she wanted to help people to attain their optimal health, just like her Dad, Dr. Thomas Schroeder D.C. She grew up in Fresno, Ca. and worked hard in school in order to attain her goal of becoming a chiropractor. She saw the changes that regular chiropractic treatments made in her family with most of them excelling in sports while getting injured less often, and recovering faster after injury.

After excelling in soccer while a student athlete at Clovis West High School, Dr. Allison went on to receive a scholarship to play at Fresno State. Dr. Allison then went on to attend school at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic West. While at Palmer Dr. Allison fell in love with Dr. Graham. They were married before graduation and moved to Paso Robles that fall. Dr. Allison quickly fell in love with Paso Robles and the people in the community after her first Vine Street Christmas. She looks forward to practicing and raising a family in Paso Robles.

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